Harriet Tubman Museum and Education Center

LocationCambridge, Maryland
CategorySpecial Projects


Selection of flooring, as well as paint and materials for the walls and the ceiling of the museum. Selection of all interior finishes for the interior of museum’s common spaces.


The space was large, and most of the museum had an open floor plan.  PERISTYLE used flooring, wall, and ceiling choices to improve circulation around the museum and segment the space into areas for contemplation and those for conversation and engagement.


By improving the museum’s circulation pattern and interior assets, PERISTYLE created a space that reflects the museum’s mission to serve the community; address the needs of children though cultural, educational, and social activities; preserve and promote the life and contributions of Harriet Tubman.

Unique Lessons Learned

PERISTYLE worked with the architect to choose materials that enhanced flow of each experience and storyline as patrons explored the museum.