Point View at Aspen Hill

LocationSilver Spring, Maryland
CategorySenior Housing


Selection, sourcing, purchase, and installation of furniture, equipment, and finishes for the interior spaces of a 100-unit apartment building.


PERISTYLE provided a single‐source solution for the Aspen Hill team that required coordination with both the construction group and the client. Peristyle developed multi‐purpose communal spaces that allowed for privacy and quiet conversation, and well as group activities and lively engagement.


To manage the challenge of multipurpose rooms, PERISTYLE created different subdivisions to give definition to various activity zones. Given the wide breadth of the assignment, PERISTYLE incorporated unifying style elements to create a feeling of continuity throughout the property.

Unique Lessons Learned

PERISTYLE’s design reinforced the importance of colors to accommodate limitations with depth perception and mobility.  Although Peristyle had been using color choices to manage these issues for 20 years, the team created a catalogue for the client’s management team that has been informing asset choices throughout the Aspen Hill Complex.