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For more than 25 years, PERISTYLE has worked collaboratively with clients to provide the most effective and efficient delivery of quality design services and industry-leading asset selection. We strive to make transitions, upgrades, and relocations seamless for our clients and partners. PERISTYLE works to improve our clients’ productivity by incorporating new technologies, innovation, and best-in-class products to each engagement.

We provide end-to-end solutions in interior design services and project management.

Interior Design

  • Schematic design interior
  • Furniture and equipment selection
  • Design development
  • Coordination of art, graphic design, lighting, and signage
  • Review of electrical and lighting plans
  • Interior space planning
  • Way finding planning
  • Construction documents and administration
  • Colored material floor plans, elevation, and perspectives
  • Analysis of light levels

Project Management

  • Vendor/contractor bidding services and selection
  • Furniture space planning coordination
  • Strategic planning
  • Management of construction/renovation Services
  • FF&E procurement and bidding coordination services
  • Inventory development services

Our Process

Although each client engagement is unique, PERISTYLE follows a systematic, multi-step approach that begins and ends with the client’s buy-in from evaluation through contract administration to completion and approval.  We carefully study each project’s location, composition, area, and assets to define the best possible use of space and the most appropriate interior design plan to match the client’s style and functional requirements.

  • Intake
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Asset Selection
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Completion

Intake: We begin the process by meeting with our clients to define their needs, space constraints, and budget limits.  We complete a detailed needs analysis to understand the intended usage of the space, the number of people who will use the space, desired circulation patterns, and elements required to provide a solution that is both cohesive and comprehensive.  We get to know our clients intimately, so that we can understand their aspirations, preferences, and ideals, and eventually, express these concepts through our design.

Planning and Assessment:  The second step in our process involves developing a detailed understanding of the client’s space.  We visit the location, take detailed measurements, map out the arc of the natural light, and identify focal points, among other assessment procedures.  We then perform a series of reality checks to determine if the client’s budget is in alignment with the expected deliverables.   After we have worked with the client to chart a realistic course of action, we create scale plans, schematics, and computer-aided designs.  After collaboration with the client and other service providers, we complete the final design.

Asset Selection:  Asset selection requires keen attention to detail; this includes the client’s preferences as well as budget and space constraints.   This phase of the process includes selecting and coordinating furniture, equipment, flooring, paint and wall coverings, and accessories.  We also work with the client to ensure that lighting needs and power requirements are met.  We estimate circulation patterns to ensure that end-user needs for privacy, engagement, and teamwork are accommodated.

Delivery and Installation:  We take the anxiety out of delivery and installation.  Perry P. Savoy, the Founder and President of the Peristyle, personally oversees every element of the installation of furniture, equipment, and installation.  He carefully inspects all deliveries both before and after installation to minimize dents, scratches, and breaks.  When damage is detected, our process ensures that replacements are provided in a timely manner.

Completion:  Our projects end with approval and sign-off.  We close our engagements with a performance evaluation, and we work with our clients’ office managers, property managers, and other personnel to make sure that they understand how to care for furniture, draperies, and carpets, how to get service for equipment, and how to re-order.

“Planning my office space was like talking to an old friend. Perry just seemed to know what my staff and I needed. It shows in how the staff now interact with each other and with our clients. Our space looks and feels like a venerable establishment, not just like a collection of offices, boardrooms, a kitchen, and reception areas.” — Sharon

About Peristyle

“Collaboration, attention to details, and an unwavering focus on functional requirements combine to form the foundation of smart interior design.” – Perry P. Savoy, Founder and President Peristyle, LLC

PERISTYLE is a premier, minority-owned firm that specializes in interior design and related project management services. The firm covers every stage of project development including:

  • needs assessments
  • CAD work and colored renderings
  • schematics and planograms
  • asset selection and procurement
  • oversight of asset installation
  • project evaluation
  • concept development
  • final design
  • construction/renovation planning
  • procurement bidding services

Since its launch in 1995, PERISTYLE has created interiors that precisely balance visual appeal and functional purpose. Our ability to interpret our clients’ vision, while staying within budget and scheduling requirements, has earned accolades throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  

We believe that successful design projects depend on three elements:  collaboration, attention to details, and an unwavering focus on functional requirements.  We harness this information to create the spaces where our clients want to be in order to get their work done. As examples:

  • when we build out office space, we focus on elements that will drive productivity
  • when we work on community centers, we concentrate on improving opportunities for engagement among community members
  • when we create lounge areas, we strive to provide comfort, privacy, and opportunities to unwind and recharge

We treat collaboration and client input as the scaffolding that supports our expertise in design. PERISTYLE begins and ends every engagement with the client, and we welcome client involvement throughout the duration of each engagement. Whether the project is large or small, for recreation purposes or business functions, PERISTYLE executes design services with an intimate understanding of individuals, teams, organizations, and their needs. This process creates interiors that reflect the style and character of each client. The end result is a space that is aesthetically pleasing and conducive to the client’s functional mandate.

Peristyle by Numbers


Year Founded


Sq. feet of fabric to control sound in a large conference room


Elements in an average reception room

$100,000 – $5,000,000 Range of Project Size

Our Founder

Perry P. Savoy – Perry founded PERISTYLE in 1995, following a career as an interior designer and space planner at the Veteran’s Administration and small design firms. He built PERISTYLE from the ground up by focusing first and foremost on the customers’ needs. Clients rely on Perry’s personable approach, classic design training, extensive style library, and partnering relationships to turn ideas into visualizations and then into reality.

Perry’s ability to select the right elements – be it paint colors, flooring, furniture, or textiles – and his precision in optimizing project constraints – like budgets, physical space, and timeframes –  are central components of the value that Peristyle provides to clients.    

PERISTYLE has emerged as a Baltimore institution because Perry delivers the end results that clients want. 


BA, Interior Design, Maryland Institute Collage of Art 1990

Corcoran School of Fine Arts 1989

Project Management Engagements

Interior Design Projects



Volunteer of A Lifetime Award – Govans Ecumenical Development Corp

Board Member, Partners of the Americas (Maryland Chapter). Membership Chairman 1992‐-94

Associated Black Charities, Gala Committee Member 1995-99

The Y of Central Maryland, Governing Board Member; Baltimore City Y of Central Maryland Community Advisory Board Chair, Committees: Black Achievers, Martin Luther King Breakfast and Strategic Planning Committee 2000-07; Y of Central Maryland Head Start Committee Member

“For Perry, GEDCO completes a ‘circle of care’ to which he devotes his life. His willingness to take on new responsibilities so quickly exemplifies Perry’s extraordinary commitment to everything he undertakes.” — Nichole Battle, CEO, Govans Ecumenical Development Corp (GEDCO)

Our Business Model

We provide our clients with a single point of contact to manage complex projects. Interior design and project management are only two of the many elements involved in space planning that our clients seek. Therefore, we maintain thoroughly vetted teaming relationships with:

  • construction firms
  • relocation specialists
  • furniture and equipment manufacturers/suppliers
  • soft goods fabricators
  • architects
  • moving companies
  • art and accessories buyers
  • commercial cleaning companies

When dealing with third-parties, we believe that transparency is the key to managing our client’s expectations, completing tasks on time, and complying with budget constraints. Our vetting process is designed to remove performance-related concerns for our clients. We also maintain significant controls that provide clients with key details about project progression.

Teaming Relationships

Teaming with other companies is one of the core elements of our business model. Strategic partnerships broaden and enhance the solutions and services we offer to meet our customers’ requirements. We believe that establishing long-term relationships with trusted partners will yield sustainable winning results for our company, our partners, and our clients.

Our Clients

PERISTYLE maintains a diverse mix of clients. Our proven process, commitment to client engagement, and portfolio of projects have enabled us to win engagements with:

  • government agencies
  • community recreation centers
  • senior apartments
  • property developers
  • commercial tenants
  • congregate living facilities
  • museums and educational facilities
  • property managers and landlords

Sample Engagements

We serve our clients’ needs through collaboration, attention to detail, and precision to create spaces that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and reflect the client’s functional requirements. We also value lessons that inform our future engagements. Below we have provided representative examples of our projects and the lessons that we have learned. 

Our Customers Say

Contract Vehicles

Peristyle is positioned to provide both clients and partners with flexibility and access to government contracting opportunities. Toward this end, we maintain the following certifications and contracts:

GSA Schedule (Contract # GS-03F-044GA)
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SIN Numbers:
541614 CF Comprehensive Furniture Management Services
541614 OR Office Relocation Services

8(a) Certification with the Small Business Administration
(Graduation Date: May 14, 2026)

MBE certification with the State of Maryland

MBE certification with the City of Baltimore

NAICS codes:
Peristyle’s service lines fall under the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes

Interior decorating and interior design consulting services

Modular furniture system attachment and installation and Building fixture and fitting (except mechanical equipment) installation

Office Moving

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If you are creating a commercial space for working, recreation, education, community engagement, or residential facilities, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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